New farm-to-fork restaurant opens in Stellenbosch

The Annandale wine estate in Stellenbosch is now home to a new restaurant that embodies the farm-to-fork concept from start to finish.

Melfort at Annandale centres its offering around a no-fuss approach, crafting wholesome and flavour-packed dishes that celebrate local and organic producers. 

No stone is left unturned when it comes to locally sourced ingredients, and Melfort uses only the best of what the season has to offer. All meat comes from grass-fed and pasture-reared stock, and only stoneground flours, organic grains, and cold-pressed virgin oils are used in a range of delectable dishes. 

“Dishes are made from what is available on our doorstep. We are a true farm-to-fork restaurant – no compromises,” explains the Melfort team. 


Developed by talented and experienced chef Tasmin Reed, who previously worked at Eat Out three-star restaurant Salsify at The Roundhouse, Melfort’s curated menu and approach to dining have been informed by personal experiences.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2022, Tasmin decided to drastically change her life to a more balanced approach. She is now inspiring other young chefs to do the same with an increased focus on the importance of their mental and physical health, and by using only organic and local produce to fuel their bodies and minds. 

Tasmin Reed, Melfort

With a cooking philosophy that’s rooted in finding ingredients from small farms that curate their systems to care for organic produce, and that create a beneficial environment for their animal stock to thrive, Tasmin ensures that each dish crafted at Melfort is simple, fresh, and delicious.

Each ingredient is selected and used in a way that enhances its natural flavours, resulting in food that’s delicious, nourishing, and approachable. The current menu features items such as eggs Benedict with gluten-free English muffins, gluten-free vegan cakes, and more. 


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All of the restaurant’s fresh produce is sourced from organic supplier Familiér, and the menu is complemented by Annandale wines.  

Melfort is housed in an old farmhouse dating back to the 1600s. The decor and ambience are rustic yet refined, with high ceilings, contemporary art adorning the walls, and antique accents of brass and copper adding to the overall look and feel. 


The restaurant is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm throughout winter. In the spring months, Melfort will open for set dinners on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bookings can be made online here – but walk-ins are also encouraged. 

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