Glory, a new farm-to-table chicken eatery, opens in Melville

Many restaurants would love to have truly sustainable suppliers, but Nick Scott and Kevin Naidoo can claim just that for Glory, their new farm-to-table eatery in Melville, which specialises in sit-down meals, takeaways and deliveries of real, tasty chicken.

One of the pair that started The Great Eastern Food Bar nearby, Nick farms what he likes to call heritage chicken for the restaurant. “Our chickens are not battery-bred to be tender; they breed themselves and are very flavourful. We have worked out how to prepare and cook them so that they are also delicious,” he explains.

Coal-roast chickens at Glory. Photo supplied.

Coal-roast chickens at Glory. Photo supplied.

Locals have been marvelling at the painstaking alterations and restorations happening on this art-deco corner of 7th Street and 3rd Avenue in Melville. There are even more surprises in store: “We’re filling in one piece at a time until the whole sustainable picture is complete,” says Kevin. Nick continues: “You could say we’re working from the outside in.” The produce comes first and no part of the bird goes to waste.

No part of the bird goes to waste on Nick Scott's menu. Photo suppied.

No part of the bird goes to waste on Nick Scott’s menu. Photo supplied.

From Thursday 10 November, customers are invited to visit the courtyard, take a seat at Glory’s long table, order something delicious to drink and then choose between roasted or fried heritage chicken, served up with a tray of accompaniments like homemade breads, sauces, vinegars and noodles.

“It’s going to be fun and low-key, especially over the holidays,” says Nick. “We ramp up next year – but that’s another story…”



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