New smart bottle preserves your opened wine for weeks

While the health benefits of a glass of wine a day have long been debated by experts, we’ve always shown our support for the anti-ageing and heart-protecting claims. (It’s worth a shot.) But having just one glass can be tricky if you live on your own, with someone who doesn’t drink, or who prefers red while you favour white. Well, the risky days of pouring a vinegary glass from the dregs of that bottle in your fridge may be numbered.

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In the ongoing expansion of the Internet of Things, USA company Kuvée has created a connected wine bottle that’s not only equipped with WiFi and a touchscreen, but offers a “restaurant wine list at home”, while promising to keep wine fresh for 30 days. Here’s how: The specially designed opaque aluminium bottles that slot into the smart Kuvée bottle have a pouring valve that prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling the wine. Plus, they don’t let light in, further extending the wine’s shelf life, and are lighter, more compact and easily recyclable.

The company’s “always fresh, one glass at a time” mission means you can keep more styles of wine around to please your palate, your menu or your guests. A selection of Californian wines is available at the same price as a normal bottle of wine. Switch out the wine, and the Kuvée bottle will keep track of when it was opened. As well as letting you know how much is left in the bottle, the touch screen also tells you more about the wine, offers ratings and pairings (great for impressing your guests), and the ability to order more.

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The Kuvée bottle’s battery should last throughout your entire dinner party, supporting up to six hours of activity. At present the bottles are on pre-order – a Smart Bottle plus four wines for $199, or R3120 – with the first thousand shipping in October 2016 to California and Massachusetts and plans to export in the future. What’s next? Snapchats from your favourite shiraz? On second thought, we could be into that.

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