An ode to eggs

Ah, the humble egg: the most versatile of ingredients, and an absolute staple in the pantry. Poached, baked, boiled, whipped or fried, the potential behind that fragile shell is endless.

How do we love our eggs? Let us count the ways.

We love you in the morning, swiftly boiled and served simply, with just a crack of salt and black pepper.

Start your weekend right with breakfast at The Shortmarket Club.

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We fancy you for brunch, perfectly poached and paired with decadent Hollandaise.


We adore you as a snack, prepared any which way, generously sharing toast with your soul food, avocado.


Pistachi-YOKE! Egg toast avocado #weekend #perfection #glendasrestaurant #wakiewakieeggsandbakie

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We heart you scrambled, cooked oh-so slowly with one-too-many dollops of butter.

Perfect for public holiday brunch! Hot croissant with smoked salmon, scrambled egg & creme fraiche

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We smile at your sunny disposition as you perch atop a steak or nestle into a burger.


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We watch in fascination as you transform into peaks – first soft, then rising up into glorious, thick clouds – ready for your transformation into magnificent meringues.

Mmm Lemon Meringue cheese cake @cafedelsolsa #bakeacake #homemade #baking #botanico #cafedelsolsa #jozieats

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We love you, gently bobbing in ramen, adding another layer of flavour to that hot bowl of umami.



We wait in anticipation to reveal your yolk. Will you ooze adequately, with just the right amount of fudgy texture?


We’re happy to see you warm and cosy, nestled in a warm bed of pastry.


Bacon Eggie sans Pastry

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We watch in despair as the naïve drop you into boiling water and walk away, ne’er a timer set. Have they no shame? You’re worth so much more than that dark black ring around your once delicate core.

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