Meet the panookie, our new favourite no-share dessert

To be honest, our favourite kind of dessert is anything that we don’t have to share; it’s hard to play nice when the person across the table is eyeing out your pudding. Which is why we’re delighted by a new dessert trend appearing at cafés in Tasmania and Bangkok.

Dubbed the panookie, this dessert is basically your own personal cookie, baked into a mini pan and topped with ice cream, sauce, and all the trimmings. We trust it’s still slightly gooey inside. (If you’re into raw cookie dough, a café in New York is selling it in various flavours, served in tubs with spoons.)

The best part of the panookie? It’s big, it’s bad, and its all yours. No touchy.

There are a few variations on the theme worth investigating.

This Shades of Chocolate version, with a chocolate cookie, vanilla-bean white-chocolate sauce, chocolate and vanilla-bean ice cream, ganache, Oreo soil, chantilly cream, chocolate rocks and gems:

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This panookie, with a red-velvet cookie base and topping of chocolate fudge sauce, cream-cheese icing, house-made meringues and chocolate ice cream:

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Then behold this festive Grinch-inspired version made with green-coloured white-chocolate cookie dough, gingerbread-and-white-chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, peppermint meringues, candy floss, candy cane bark and peppermint snow:

Vegan? No problem. This café will do a dairy-free panookie for you on request:

Then there’s this Fluffy Bunny panookie, made with a white chocolate and mini-marshmallow dough, a marshmallow vanilla sauce, vanilla-bean ice cream and fairy floss:

It’s safe to say we’ll never say no to any dessert served in a pan.

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