Partner content: 5 things you probably didn’t know about Coco Safar coffee

Coco Safar, a newcomer to the global coffee, café and bakery scene, was recently acknowledged by global culinary industry giant Food & Wine magazine as having one of the best croissants in the world across four of the most iconic foodie cities – Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne and Cape. Here are five more things you probably didn’t know about Coco Safar.

1.Coco Safar was the first luxury coffee brand globally to successfully introduce 5th wave speciality (high-quality) coffee in a compostable, oxygen-tight bio-capsule format four years ago.

2. All the coffee used in the brand’s range of City Roast coffee capsules are rated 80+ and sourced from the best small farmers globally. The beans are then small-batch roasted in the the first eco-friendly roaster of its kind on the African continent and then encapsulated – all from its Cape Town base.


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3. Coco Safar became the first and only brand to introduce rooibos (tea) espresso alongside 5th wave coffee, with a secret spiced maple formula eliminating the need for honey and sugar.

4. The Coco Safar founders and executive team have dedicated more than 15 years to the relentless pursuit of excellence in order to get to the point of being globally recognised (they were mentioned in a recent Food & Wine magazine article on the best croissants and coffee) and ready to duplicate and expand the brand’s licence model internationally.

5. Coco Safar will be selectively rolling out in other cities of the world, including New York, Paris, London and Tokyo. Currently in negotiations with major international luxury groups to take the brand global in 2021, Coco Safar is poised for international success.

As CapeTown continues to grow in popularity as a style capital and foodie hotspot, Coco Safar is ready to welcome its international guests from across the world once again now that the South African borders have officially reopened.

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