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Before the advent of fizzy drinks and bottles of processed juice, every meal was simply accompanied by a glass of water. The theory goes that sipping a bit of H₂0 during your dinner can aid digestion and nutrient absorption.


The best tasting water you’ve ever had was probably from a cool mountain spring, but getting your eight glasses a day from there is going to be pretty difficult.

Your next stop is the tap – remember when tap water was good enough? – but these days all everyone does is complain about the taste and clarity. And who knows what chemicals they’re putting in the water?

Eau-de-vie-Remote-unitNow you’re probably turning to bottled water. It’s expensive, but at least it’s pure and good for you, right? Not quite. The plastic bottles can sit in storage for months, leaching hormones into the water, which is anything but fresh. Furthermore, plastic bottles are not very ecofriendly. Unless you are diligent about recycling, each of your eight glasses a day will end up in plastic form in the landfill.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to ask for Eau de Vie.

Eau de Vie supplies real-time freshly filtered still, sparkling and boiling water systems, which are more cost effective and greener than pre-bottled mineral water. The on-site on-demand water solution gives you fresh still or sparkling water whenever you need it. Eau de Vie’s special filter removes the impurities from your municipal tap water that impact on flavour and aroma to produce simply great-tasting water.

With a simple switch from pre-bottled mineral water to Eau de Vie, you can save costs and completely eliminate the need to pay for, store, refrigerate and dispose of pre-bottled water.

Classeq_The sustainable, filtered water system eliminates expensive transportation of bottles and costly recycling of non-reusable bottles and packaging, reducing your carbon footprint.

The provision of water is a basic guaranteed right in South Africa and around the world. Make sure it’s good water, with Eau de Vie.




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