Partner content: 3 decades of froyo with Marcel’s

In 1989, Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt was introduced to the South African consumer. Starting with only one store in Stellenbosch, the brand has expanded to over 25 outlets across the country and has established a foothold in international markets across Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Today the household name is a trusted brand, known for its product integrity and premium quality. Each lovingly created Marcel’s offering is made from real dairy, infused with live probiotic cultures, is gluten free and contains only natural or nature-identical flavours.

A tub of chocolate Marcel's frozen yoghurt

A tub of chocolate Marcel’s frozen yoghurt. Photo supplied.

While the products speak for themselves, the awards they’ve garnered are equally impressive. Marcel’s has taken the dairy industry by surprise by taking top honours at the annual South African Dairy Championships, claiming the highest accolade as the SA Dairy Champion (2015) and making history as the first product outside of the cheese and butter industry to receive this award. To date, its various products have won over 50 awards at the benchmarking event, with eight of these seeing them honoured with the highest acclaim – the sought-after Qualité Award – in their respective categories. Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt is a keeper in the dessert game, where many trendy brands pop up, but don’t make it as successfully as Marcel’s has for 30 years.

Turkish Delight on a stick and covered in chocolate

Turkish Delight on a stick and covered in chocolate. Photo supplied.

Marcel’s renowned flavours such as English toffee, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are regularly complemented by innovative new flavours that can be found at each store on a rotational basis. Recent flavour favourites have included the cream soda and popcorn range, the decedent choc-chip toasted cookie sandwich and the fruity Marula, to name a few.

The ever-popular English Toffee

The ever-popular English toffee. Photo supplied.

For the more health conscious it’s good to know that Marcel’s frozen yoghurt contains beneficial nutrients and bacteria, lower levels of lactose and live probiotic cultures. Most of their flavour options are low fat (less than 3g per 100g of frozen yoghurt) before the addition of toppings. These halaal-certified products are all free from gluten preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourants, gelatine, azo-dyes and tartrazine.

You can also get your frozen yoghurt on a hot waffle

You can also get your frozen yoghurt on a hot waffle. Photo supplied.

Marcel’s also has a wide variety of take-home products such as sticks and tubs (1L and 175ml) available at retailers nationwide.

For more information, visit the Marcel’s website.

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