Partner content: There’s a crispy clear solution to your delivery and takeout woes

McCain SureCrispTM is here to completely revolutionise your customers’ chip experience, no matter where they are enjoyed. Chips play a vital role in the eating out experience and there’s nothing better than seeing a plate of hot, crispy chips headed your way. The tone of the meal is set as you snatch the first hot chip from your plate (or someone else’s … we won’t tell); it’s the ultimate satisfaction so they need to be hot and crispy!

McCain SureCrispTM is the new plant-based coated chip that holds its crispiness for up to 30 minutes*, allowing chips to be served crispy and delicious, the way they’re meant to be served, whether it’s for delivery, takeout, or on-premise dining. Now your customers can enjoy crispy delicious chips every time, anywhere. Delivery and takeaway have grown in big strides over the last couple of months. Ensuring that in-restaurant experience when your customers are not dining-in is critical to maintaining loyalty. The extra holding time means you can maximise consumer satisfaction and loyalty – even with delivery and takeaways – and increase your order rate and profits.


  • Enjoy mouthwatering crispy golden chips that carry on rewarding all your customers’ senses for the ultimate satisfaction. Delivered to you perfectly crisp, every time.
  • McCain SureCrispTM is perfectly placed to respond to South Africans’ love for chips, as they increase the enjoyment of a meal and are still South Africans favourite side**.
  • The McCain SureCrispTM promise is that it’s not only able to deliver on aesthetics, but it also offers a delicious and crispy chip-eating experience.
  • The McCain SureCrispTM offering is the perfect reward, as the occasion of having chips is already considered an accessible indulgence.
  • You’ll be assured that the chips your customer crave will arrive exactly as they anticipated.

McCain SureCrispTM is the game-changing plant-based coated chip with a trusted true potato taste that allows restaurants to consistently deliver crispy chips.


*Sensory testing for crispness, Texture Analyser – August 2019

**Kantar consumer research – September 2019

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