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Following the growing demand for locally crafted premium products, Nettari has launched South Africa’s first local artisanal crafted premium flavoured syrup range, inspired by the quality of the South African terroir and the fine ingredients it produces. It’s the perfect complement for Instabean instant frappe and latte blends.

Some of the Instabean range

Some of the Instabean range. Photo supplied.

Both brands were co-founded by Lanie van Schalkwyk and her business partner Robert Burton. The Nettari range was launched with 10 flavour variants in August 2016 and has now expanded to over 30 flavour variants. Lanie developed each product in her own kitchen at home, using her expertise that she’d gained while in the corporate world heading up product innovation teams for international ingredient suppliers, specialising in dairy, fruit syrups and purees, and dessert applications.

Co-founder and product developer

Co-founder and product developer xxx. Photo supplied.

Now all product development and manufacturing is done in-house at their Cape Town FSSC 22000 accredited manufacturing facility. They also have a facility based in Cape Town that offers product application guides and makes tailor-made syrups, purees, latte and frappe powder blend development solutions for the hospitality trade.

Nettari’s “local is lekker” approach has raised the bar by producing a premium quality and affordable flavoured syrup locally that is readily available.

Both the Nettari and Instabean ranges have multipurpose applications and can be used for various applications from cocktails, mocktails, craft sodas and milkshakes to smoothies, savoury applications and hot, cold and ice blends. Add a little Nettari or Instabean to your next freshly brewed cup of coffee or transform your milkshakes and cocktails into a rocking experience. Need some inspiration?

Try one of the below recipes before trying your own concoctions.

Turkish delight hot chocolate

20ml Nettari rose syrup
30g Instabean Indulgent Chocolate
250ml milk
Whipped cream

Prepare a paste with the Instabean Indulgent powder and 30ml Hot milk. Once the powder has dissolved, add 20ml Nettari Rose syrup and the remaining milk and stir. Top with whipped cream.

A few Nettari fruit purees

A few Nettari fruit purees. Photo supplied.

Berries and cucumber gin and tonic

12.5ml Nettari cucumber syrup
25ml Nettari mixed berries puree
37.5ml premium gin
12.5ml lime juice
Tonic water

Add all the ingredients into a glass filled with ice and fruit pieces. Stir and top with tonic water.

Get ready to expand your drinks table

Kiwi and avo smoothie

50ml Nettari kiwi fruit puree
1 banana
½ avocado
1 TBSP honey
250ml plain yoghurt
250ml ice

Add all of the ingredients into the blender. Blend until smooth. Garnish with mint leaves.

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