A century of flavour: celebrating 100 years of Robertsons Spices


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Robertsons has a rich legacy of providing exceptional quality in herbs and spices. 

With its commitment to sustainable and premium ingredients, Robertsons is an essential, trusted brand in your professional kitchen! Robertsons proudly continues its legacy of being Famous for Flavour, empowering you to Own Your Flavour with an array of superior products.

100 years of being famous for flavour 

For 100 years, Robertsons has been the trusted name in discovering and blending the finest quality herbs and spices from across the globe. Known as the spice people,, Robertsons is one of the biggest and best-loved brands in the country, transforming everyday meals into extraordinary experiences.  

Inspiring chefs to own their flavour 

Robertsons’ purpose is to make food a celebration of difference. Robertsons Spices are crafted with the finest, purest herbs to deliver superior diversity in flavour. Trusted by chefs worldwide, the range invites chefs to explore their culinary creations with unparalleled quality. 


The Robertsons range 

Our extensive range, featuring over 40 variants, has become a staple in professional pantries everywhere. Each herb and spice is meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and ability to enhance flavours, offering chefs a palette for culinary experimentation and innovation. Our colour-coded and sustainable packaging makes it easy for chefs to find what they are looking for. Our convenient Robertsons Spices refill packs are a sustainable and practical choice for your kitchen!

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