Sally Williams opens first luxury ice-cream shop at Nelson Mandela Square

Sally Williams ice cream cones

Sally Williams ice cream cones. Photo supplied.

Squeezed into a triangular-shaped space between Forever 21 and the escalator at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton is the new Sally Williams Luxury Ice Cream store, offering beauty, luxury and indulgence in as many scoops – or cups – as you would like.

The established Sally Williams brand of handcrafted nougats and Belgian-chocolate-enrobed confections have translated perfectly to ice cream here. It may be winter in South Africa, but the weather is warm and sunny during the day, allowing frozen treats to retain their appeal. If you need further convincing, one look at the new winter menu should do the trick.

Sally Williams store counter

The counter of delights at Sally Williams Luxury Ice Cream. Photo supplied.

Over the chilly season you can expect delights like cracked cookies containing Turkish delight, to eat with coffee or just gobble on their own; chocolate brownies made with almond nougat; chocolate-ganache domes of Belgian dark or white chocolate made with nougat or Turkish Delight; hot Belgian waffles with a selection of Sally Williams ice creams melting over them; gourmet milkshakes made with ice cream and Sally Williams confections as toppings or inclusions; and even hot liquid ice cream. (Yes, it is what you think it is.)

Sally Williams ice cream scoops

Sally Williams ice cream scoops. Photo supplied.

At the bar and little tables, the eager new devotees throng to do their own cross-flavour ice cream tastings and discover their favourites. Of the ten ice-cream options, the two most popular are rose with Turkish delight, and honey almond. In addition to vanilla and chocolate for the simpler palates, there are some other very seductive choices, like chocolate-almond with cranberry, choc-coffee, and orange Turkish delight. Also launching very soon is a range of special Sally Williams coffees.

A handful of shopping centres has been approached for more of these parlours; maybe one of the 40 to 50 anticipated Sally Williams Luxury Ice Cream stores throughout the rest of the country will open somewhere near you?


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