The shamefully unsophisticated snack I can’t stop eating

Every few years something comes along to capture my taste buds and hold them prisoner against my will. I start to think about it a little too much, I need to have it at weird hours, and sometimes in the most tragic of circumstances, after a torrid and passionate love affair, it disappears from the shelves – and my life – completely. (RIP honey-mustard pretzels.)

My love of Niknaks is well documented on this site, I can now find stroopwaffels at most grocery stores, and wasabi crackers are once again on my radar after a brief break in transmission.

But the most intense obsession I have not been able to shake is with D’Licious wafer sticks. Exclusive to Clicks. Yes, spelled D’Licious. No, I’m not proud of it.

Labelled as “crispy wafer sticks with creamy flavoured filling”, these are the lighting rods of the gods, the Harry Potter’s wand of biscuits. They are so light, so delicate and so saccharine, and after an initial crunch, they disappear on the tongue, melting into sweet nothingness.

My favourite is the cookies-and-cream flavour in the green box – but I think that’s mostly because it invokes the hue of my cool-mint Le Creuset cocotte, teapot and entirely essential-to-my-existence teabag rest. Also acceptable are the flavours of vanilla, salted caramel and cappuccino, but we can all rest assured that none of the above ingredients were harmed in the making of these wafers.

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They are sold in slender boxes, the kind that the child in you knows contains something adult for after dinner, but way better than Mint Thins – let’s be honest, a kick in the pants is more enjoyable than Mint Thins – as well as tins that ring very satisfyingly when prised opened.

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The wafer cigars should carefully be drawn out by the tips of your fingers, one by one, so as to avoid premature collapse, and then swiftly annihilated in a snap of the jaws with a tell-tale ghaps sound.

If they’re on the 3-for-2 special you know how that ends.

Please make me feel less alone: What is your unsophisticated food obsession?


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