Share and discover great restaurants with the @EatOutTable Instagram restaurant guide

An internet search can find anything your heart desires, but sometimes you just don’t know what to search for. This is where our Instagram guide, @EatOutTable, comes in.

Whether you’re on the lookout for your next dining destination or aching to share a snapshot of your incredible meal, the @EatOutTable guide provides a community platform for you to browse, share and celebrate your love of food*.

Looking for inspiration?

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device, and search for @EatOutTable.


2. Click on your area, tap the picture (where it says ‘tap here’) and tap again on the pop-up tag to proceed.


3. Once inside the area of your choice, follow the arrow to click on your directory in the top right-hand corner.


4. Scroll through the images of delicious dishes to find a great restaurant in your area.


5. Remember to add your comments if you’ve also dined at any of the restaurants.

Had a great meal recently? We’d love to have your pictures and recommendations appearing in the guide. Our favourite pictures from each week will be featured in our weekly newsletter and in occasional articles on our site, like this one on our pick of the dessert shots.

How to make your pictures appear in the @EatOutTable Instagram restaurant guide

1. Follow @EatOutTable on Instagram

2. Once you’ve uploaded your image, tag @EatOutTable and the region in which the restaurant is located (@EatOutJoburg, @EatOutCapeTown, @EatOutDurban, @EatOutPretoria, @EatOutBloem, @EatOutPE, @EatOutWinelands, @EatOutInland and @EatOutCoastal) using the ‘Tag people’ feature.

3. Hashtag or geotag the name of the restaurant so we can see where you ate.

*Please note that the guide only works on mobile devices.

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