The night in tweets: the 2013 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards

Tweeting guests were encouraged to use the #eatoutawards hash tag, which trended both on Sunday night and Monday morning. Our timeline was – and still is – flooded with pages and pages of excitement, suspense, compliments and congratulations as guests and winning restaurants share the news with the world. If you missed out on all the action, we give you the evening’s proceedings in 30 of our favourite tweets:

Caro de Waal@CaroFood24
Getting dolled for the @Eat_Out awards tonight… Very excited to see the venue! And all the chefs and foodies *hop* *skip* *jump*

Eat Out@Eat_Out
The rockstars have just started to arrive! #eatoutawards

Jackie Cameron@jackie_cameron

Mrs Goss and I @Eat_Out on our way in a beautiful mercE 500

Tessa Purdon@Tessa_Purdon 10 Nov
Popcorn tunnel @Eat_Out #eatoutawards so fun! @food24

Jennifer Su (Jen Su)@jennifer_su 10 Nov
Popcorn carpet! @Eat_Out @flytravelista @FoodNetSAfrica @DStv @AviosSA @travelchannel @MrRobBell @roxy_louw @PalluSA

Eat Out@Eat_Out
“We go by the scorecard, where food amounts to 70%” – @AbiDonnelly on how the judges compare restaurants that differ so much. #eatoutawards

#eatoutawards artisan beer specialy brewed for awards

Sam Wilson-Späth@SamWilson1 10 Nov
No one throws a party like @Eat_Out and @NewMediaZA. 6pm and it’s rocking already. #eatoutawards

Justin Bonello@Justin_Bonello
500 of us being treated to the best food, wine and company SA has to offer at the #eatoutawards

Eat Out@Eat_Out
“I think you are all sheer superstars” – @AbiDonnelly to all the chefs who’ve made this year so special. #eatoutawards

Eat Out@Eat_Out
“Compassionate, considerate &kind, he’s unfailingly supportive.” @AbiDonnelly on Michael Olivier #eatoutawards #LifetimeAchievementAward

Charly’s Bakery@charlysbakery 10 Nov
Smoked Mussel soup in style by Jackie Hartford at the #eatoutawards

Ian & Lise Manley@manleycom 10 Nov
@AbiDonnelly looking rather fierce and sexy at this year’s @Eat_Out awards!

Martelize Brink@Martelizebrink
Congrats on a lovely main @ChefPierneef @pierneeflamotte @HeinWine @Eat_Out #eatoutawards

Doesn’t matter who else wins @Eat_Out awards. @manmetdiepan ‘s award confirms an industry filled w passion, truth, integrity & cameraderie.

Martelize Brink@Martelizebrink
No. 2 Five Hundred @David_Higgs Brilliant speech Sir. @thesaxonhotel

@Eat_Out #eatoutawards

Kerry McGregor@KerryMcGregor @Eat_Out @TestKitchenCT No 1 restaurant of the year. Well excited I’ve got dinner booked in December :)

Majeka House@MajekaHouse
What an amazing and exciting industry we have in South Africa today. Well done to all, especially @Eat_Out & @abidonnelly #eatoutawards

annemarie steenkamp @shmomo19
Thank you so much @Eat_Out #eatoutawards so happy, I have no words best Italian. Now I need to go to Italy @BurrataSA

David Cope@foodie_za
chuffed for all @Eat_Out winners, particularly for @vanessajaynem, @BurrataSA and @manmetdiepan. am sure the bubbly flowed endlessly.
A well deserved congratulations to the top 10 @Eat_Out Restaurants in @SouthAfricahere they are:

Kamini like harmony@KaminiPather
Re-living the incredible night with @Eat_Out. My chef groupie-ness was off the charts!

David Higgs@David_Higgs
Just wanted to compliment the @Eat_Out Team for a quite spectacular evening. Taking the awards to the next level. Made us feel like stars. :-)

Hidden Valley Wines@HVWines
Rather late than never. Congrats to our man @BassonBertus being top ten again this year @Eat_Out awards. You make us proud!

Woke up a very proud and happy team member of The Tasting Room @lequaf ! #eatoutawards @Eat_Out

A huge congrats to all winners at last night’s #EatOutAwards! Want to know more? Follow @Eat_Out and search #eatoutawards

WhiskyBrother Shop@WhiskyBroShop
Great to hear our favourite chef (and celebrity #whisky drinker) has won @Eat_Out Chef of the Year! Congratulations @David_Higgs! #deserved

Sore feet and a headache this morning – what a night! @Eat_Out #eatoutawards @Martelizebrink :-) @Cook_Sista @KaminiPather

Tamsin Snyman@tamsinsnyman
Andy Fenner @Eat_Out judge on 567 Cape Talk & @Radio702 with @StephenGrootes talking about last nights awards

David Higgs@David_Higgs
Only way to celebrate @Eat_Out evening!!! @breadandwineFH bubbles and insane meat. My CHEF of the year= Neil Jewel!

@Eat_Out: A little medicinal pick-me-up for the team this morning after the #eatoutawards

I think every Monday after the @Eat_Out awards must be a public holiday!! Glad I put in leave. Great day out and optimal recovery!!?

Rust en Vrede Estate@RustEnVrede1694
The team is back at work with an extra spring in their step. What a fantastic evening #eatoutawards. Congrats to @Eat_Out for a great event

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