Three Capetonians get doughnut tattoos for Dunkin’ Donuts launch

When it comes to doughnut obsessions, we’ve seen some crazy things, but in the run-up to the launch of Dunkin’ Donuts in SA, three brave citizens took their love of all things doughy a little further.

Six days ago we reported that Dunkin’ would be issuing daily challenges to Capetonians, allowing locals the power to bring the official launch closer. The challenges have been zany but none more so than the one issued for 5 October: to prove your love for doughnuts by getting inked with one.

Dunkin’ promised to foot the bill for the first three Dunkin’ fans who made their way to the Cape Electric Tattoo parlour in Gardens. The kicker? They weren’t allowed to choose the design or the location for their new permanent doughnut.

Never let it be said that Capetonians don’t rise to a challenge.

Angelique Westerhuis, JCona Botha and somebody we know only as Curtis, showed up to get their tattoo and were real sports about it. “If not, why not,” quipped JCona, though Curtis’ response as to why he did it is probably our favourite: “It’s awesome… And, you know… Doughnuts”. Fair enough.

The artists were merciful, thankfully (doughnut teardrops, anyone?), placing them on the volunteers’ forearm, calf and elbow.

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