A topsy turvy experience to challenge the taste buds

One of the most delicious desserts to eat – and also simplest to make – is the delectable tarte tatin. I love how it glistens with caramel and sweet fruit.

For me it’s more of an autumn dessert, as it seduces with apples, pear and quince that bubble amidst a layer of buttery pastry. The beauty of this dessert lies in its upside-down presentation, which greets you with a layer of fruit on top.

I’m writing this with the memory of a banana tarte tatin I had at Terroir in Stellenbosch last week still fresh in my mind. The banana was warm and soft and coated with sticky burnt sugar – heaven!

Seeing as we’re talking topsy turvy, I’m gearing myself for an event in a few week’s time during which my taste buds are sure to be turned on their heads. Soon, I’ll be taking part in a mopane worm-eating contest into which food writer extraordinaire Anna Trapido has entered me.

Terroir in Stellenbosch

Terroir in Stellenbosch

I’ve only ever had the privilege of enjoying these creepy crawlies once before, at a boma at Victoria Falls. I’ll admit they weren’t my favourite, even when smothered in a creamy peppercorn sauce. Perhaps I should take a bottle of Nando’s sauce with me…

The contest forms part of the Cambridge Food Festival at Hartebeespoort on the 7th of June. Come along and have a look!


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