Watch: How Cafe Patisse in Wynberg, Joburg, makes its glorious éclairs

Every major news publication has declared éclairs the new macarons in recent months – even Forbes has offered their opinion on the matter – but now it seems, the trend is truly taking hold in SA. Cafe Patisse is one local bakery turning out exemplary éclairs in Wynberg, Joburg. Baker Martin Ferreira worked in France and Switzerland, and trained under Swiss mastermind Urs Scheider before returning to SA. He specialises in Belgian chocolate and sugars – hence the interest in the highly technical éclair.

Aside from the beautiful éclairs at Cafe Patisse, you’ll also find a wonderful selection of cakes, including orange gateau, chocolate cheesecake, strawberry frangipani tartlets and the V8 cake with no less than eight layers of vanilla-themed magnificence. If you’re after something savoury, opt for an egg quiche, snail vol-au-vent, croque madames or buttery-fresh hot croissants.

Watch Martin make magic below.

In case you missed it, here’s that recipe:
For the choux pastry:
150 ml water
5ml sugar
5 ml salt
75g butter
100g flour
3 eggs
To top:
Nuts, sprinkles, or anything your heart desires
  • Boil the water
  • Add sugar, salt and butter
  • Add the flour and beat over a high heat until the mixture forms a ball
  • Transfer to a mixing bowl
  • When it cools to 55 degrees, beat in the eggs, one at a time.
  • Pipe to desired size and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes
  • Once cooled, dip in melted chocolate or top with anything your heart desires.

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