Heaven on earth: winner of the 2018 Eat Out VISI Style Award

When a fun-loving food concept by a top chef meets fearless, off-the-wall design, something otherworldly is created. the crazy Italian concept of Saint has won the 2018 Eat Out VISI Style Award.

Saint, the latest venture of chef David Higgs and Gary Kyriacou, is a visual delight. The first thing you notice is the dome, which features a series of moving and changing artworks and scenes mapped by 3D projectors – one moment an outer-space-like night sky; the next a replica of the Sistine Chapel. Further on you’ll see the gorgeous Stefano Ferrara Forni pizza ovens, custom covered with gold mosaic, which have been imported from Italy. Wherever you look, there’s more to soak up. The space lends itself to just sitting back and taking it all in.

The menu, described by David as “Italian, but twisted”, features clever little takes on classic dishes while still keeping it simple and sophisticated. You can look forward to the likes of creamy burrata with wood-fired tomatoes; crispy squid-ink croquettes stuffed with squid heads; Neapolitan pizzas, which are a highlight; light and fluffy ricotta gnocchi atop a textured romesco sauce with leeks and crispy kale; and rich and elegant tiramisu with mascarpone gelato.

For the VISI team, the judges of the Eat Out VISI Style Award, Saint was a clear standout this year. Annemarie Meintjes, VISI Deputy Editor, says, “If the copper pizza ovens from Mars don’t blow you away, the pizzas served on flat two-tone platters will!”

The team at Saint. Photo supplied.

Sumien Brink, VISI Editor-in-Chief, says Saint delivers an inspired combination of simplicity and high style: “The dazzling interiors by Irene Kyriacou is a result of mixing Renaissance imagery with a little bit of mid-century modern and 50s retro. The interior is simultaneously sexy, chic and tongue-in-cheek.

Inside at Saint Restaurant. Photo supplied.

“The ultra-glamorous interior, where the ultra glamorous people want to hang out, fosters a sense of playful escapism that makes this restaurant a destination.”

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