Wombles Steakhouse moves to Bryanston this month

The grand institution of Wombles Steakhouse is in the process of moving to new premises at Hobart Centre in Bryanston and will open its doors there on Thursday 9 June 2016. In these changeable times, it’s places like this that remain stately and steadfast, delivering unfailingly good service – and, in the case of Wombles, some of the best steaks in South Africa – but fans shouldn’t panic about the move.

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Saying goodbye to the huge, cavernous space in Parktown North, the Wombles team will make Hobart Road in Bryanston its new home, with some of the extra space devoted to a cocktail lounge, where there’ll be a lighter menu.

Duncan and Yvette Barker, originally from Zimbabwe, started Wombles in 1984, after an award-winning restaurant stint in Australia. They insist that the new Wombles will retain the soul of the original restaurant, which is what their reputation is built on.

The beautifully juicy steaks – fillet, rump, sirloin, T-bone, prime rib – as well as fish and poultry are justifiably famous here. But it’s the highly personalised service and nothing-is-too-much-trouble approach that has put Wombles in a league of its own as far as steakhouses go.

Find the new Wombles Steakhouse later this month at the upper end of the Hobart Centre in Bryanston.

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