Covid-19 Lockdown How-to for Venues

If you’re listed as an Eat Out Venue, here’s how to update your restaurant listing page with information pertaining to your operations during the COVID-19 lockdown. In order to manage and update your listing,  you will need to first claim it – simply click the black button that says  ‘claim it now’ on your listing page and follow the steps. 

As a registered Eat Out Venue, log in and navigate to the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Select “my venue”. 

You should see different sections: 

  • Home Delivery Service
  • How to Order
  • Hygiene Measures
  • Covid Lockdown
  • Lockdown Support
  • Vouchers
  • General
  • Location
  • Markets
  • Gallery
  • Google Maps
  1. Home Delivery Service:
    Please click the tick-box that says, “Enable Deliveries Available”. Then include links to your chosen delivery partner in the fields provided, as well as any extra delivery details you would like to communicate. Click ‘save’ in order for changes or updates to be reflected.

2. Covid Lockdown: Let us know if your venue is open or closed during the lockdown, as well as any other information you wish to share about your operations during this time.

    1. Ticking or unticking the checkbox at the top of this accordion will flag the venue as open or closed during lockdown. This adds a pop-up on your page that tells a visitor the restaurant is closed, with a link to find out more. PLEASE TICK THE BOX THAT SAYS, “CLOSED” IN ORDER FOR YOUR VOUCHER OR BACKABUDDY LINK TO BE VISIBLE. 
    2. Add any additional information into the text box below the checkbox. 

      3. Our Staff: This is to encourage restaurant diners to support your staff during lockdown. 

      1. Staff photos can be uploaded to show diners who they’re supporting. Photos can be uploaded via the “Browse my Photos” area.
      2. Once a staff photo has been uploaded, it will show up below the upload area.
        The following information can then be added for each staff member:

        1. Name
        2. Position
        3. URL (the link where donations for that staff member can be made)

  1. Vouchers: Diners can purchase vouchers to redeem at your venue once you have reopened.
    1. Tick the “Enable Vouchers” checkbox to enable the Vouchers area on your listing. Unchecking the box will leave that area off the page.
    2. The vouchers link should link to the website URL where diners can purchase vouchers.
    3. Add further information regarding your venue’s voucher policy in the lockdown content area.

Once all of this information has been added (and you have added or updated any other relevant venue details), click “Save” at the bottom of the page. This will update your restaurant listing page accordingly.

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