The Blackbird

Monkey Shoulder Blackbird Cocktail

If you're looking for a chirpy summer cocktail, look no further than Monkey Shoulder’s delicious Blackbird cocktail.


45ml Monkey Shoulder
20ml Wee Van Rose Liqueur
12.5ml Amontillado Sherry


If you're looking for a chirpy summer cocktail, look no further. It doesn't get more cheerful than Monkey Shoulder’s unique and delicious Blackbird cocktail.

A sophisticated summer cocktail doesn't mean you have to sweat over a complicated recipe; sometimes the simplest drinks are the best.  It’s no secret that not all cocktails are created equally, and the Blackbird mixes rose liqueur with sherry and a dash of the world’s number 1 trending Scotch as voted by the top 100 bars, to create a refreshingly simple drink, perfect for sharing.

Stir and strain into chilled coupe, lemon twist garnish.

To get the most flavour out of your Monkey Shoulder, layer the whisky over the rose liqueur and sherry, which will allow the flavours to smoothly follow one another as you take a sip off the top.

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