Four delicious ways with Hot Cross Buns

It’s that time of year, when shop shelves are groaning under the weight of chocolate bunnies and eggs, and we’re starting every day with a hot-cross bun for breakfast.



You needn’t just enjoy Hot Cross Buns with lashings of butter or the magic cheese and apricot jam combo. Here are four simple ways to make more of the spicy buns:

– For an easy Easter breakfast, slice and lightly toast the buns. Add a smear of tomato jam or relish, a piece of crispy bacon and fill with fluffy scrambled eggs.

– Be a bit more indulgent – use the buns instead of bread for French toast. Drizzle with melted chocolate and top with seasonal berries or ice-cream.

– Serve toasted, halved hot-cross buns with quartered fresh figs and a big squeeze of maple syrup.

– For a spicy take on your standard bread-and-butter pud, substitute the sliced bread with halved hot cross buns. If you like, add a handful of raisins before you add the egg and milk mixture.

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