Grolsch ice cream topped with melted white chocolate and peanut brittle

You’ll need an ice-cream maker for this recipe, but the resulting creamy, malty scoops topped with crunchy nuts will be worth the effort.


284ml cream
300ml full cream milk
115g golden castor sugar
1 vanilla pod
yolks of 3 large free-range eggs
Half a bottle of Grolsch beer
2 slabs of white chocolate
(to garnish) peanut brittle


Combine the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla in a pot over a medium heat. Stir until it comes to a simmer. Temper the liquid into the eggs. Once it’s all mixed together, return to the heat and cook on low heat until a thin custard is formed. Chill in the fridge.

Reduce the beer over a high heat until it is halved in volume. Add to the chilled ice cream mixture and churn in an ice cream maker. Once set, place it in the freezer to firm up. Melt the white chocolate and drizzle over your scoops of ice cream before chopping the peanut brittle and scattering over the top.

Serve with a chilled bottle of Grolsch.

For more pairing ideas, visit our dedicated Grolsch page.

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