Open omelette with black night shade jam and Simonsberg cream cheese

Turn your morning omelette into a gourmet brekkie with glossy dark jam and Simonsberg cream cheese.

Serves: Serves 6


18 eggs
1/2 cup water
for frying: butter
1 cup of black night shade jam
1 cup Simonsberg traditional cream cheese
Handful of rocket leaves


Preheat the grill of the oven. Whisk the eggs and the water together to make a mousse like consistency. Heat a little butter in a frying pan and pour in enough mixture to generously cover the base. Scrape the mixture to the middle of the pan while cooking and top with the cream cheese and preserve (any berry preserve will do). Grill in the oven for a few seconds until the omelette has puffed up like soufflé. Finish with the rocket leaves and serve immediately.

Recipe by Jacques Erasmus
Photograph by Mickey Hoyle

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