Beirut (Parkmore)

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Reviewed by Jared Watson

I have no idea why this place is not PACKED 24/7. Johannesburg is quite a few steps, or rather leaps behind Cape Town when it comes to fine dining or even bistro cuisine, however Johannesburg has some great community restaurants with unpretentious, honest food. This is one of the best of them,if you like lebanese food, or even if you think you don't. Great place for a light meal or to indulge, and at affordable prices. Houmus, Baba Ganoushe, Tabouleh, pita bread, lamb kebabs, baby chicken, fried kebbi, raw kebbi (this is a lebanese delicacy or raw minced lamb. It will feel a bit out there at 1st, but its really nice. And it is testament to the quality and freshness of the product if you can serve it raw). They also make these spicy mini pizzas that come with the main dishes that are amazing. It you like hubbly, you can have that too there. Plus they have a little deli downstairs of many of the products they use and great prices. They even import lebanese water, which when they have it i buy and take a few home. It is softer than Evian or Acqua Panna. Really this place is a must. you may be surprised if you go at the wrong time, as it can be quite quiet, but sit and order food and you will completely forget about that. Do yourself a favour and GO!
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