District Six Eatery

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Reviewed by Nicolette Roos

We were pre warned not to order the table salad which apparantly gets charged at R40 per person.

The over familar waiter who also took a seat at the table a few times offered the table salad to us. We checked with him that the table salad was in fact not R40 per person, he laughed and said not to worry.

The salad arrived, a oval plate a bit larger than a sideplate (nothing special). Something that would correspond to the salad platter on the menu for R90.

However when the bill arrived we were charged R235,which was in fact R 47 per person which does not correspond with anything on the menu. We were furious with the waiter who had a long lip,after he said that he would pay it.

The owner then changed our bill to 2 table salads which got charged at R185, which is actually still unacceptable for a few leaves, onion, tamatoes and a few pieces of avo.

Also as toilets are in a back yard with lots of furniture and ominous looking shapes in the dark, with no light in the toilet and no toilet paper , I suggest taking a chaperone.

The food was nice, but after the salad saga not a experience which i would like to repeat.

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