Five Hundred

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Reviewed by M G

My wife and I went to Five Hundred for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Being foodies we were excited about this JHB rival to the CT top 10 crowd. I was initially disappointed at not being able to get a booking (a month in advance!) but later ecstatic when being on the waiting list paid off.

This is truly a world class fine dining restaurant (comparable to a two Michelin star venue we'd eaten at in London). We both had the 6 course menu with paired wines. Food was a taste and texture sensation. Wines were an interesting mix of local and foreign which went superbly with the food. The sommelier was a pleasure (he could see we were interested / moderately knowledgeable so spent time talking through each wine).

Added touches reinforced the feeling of class (parking your car for you, being able to get flowers for the occasion, someone noticing I'd put my wallet and phone on the floor and providing a small stand).

You won't go there every week, but for the most special occasions (if the bank balance can support it) it's a treat.
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