Janse & Co

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Reviewed by Tess Gadd

NOTE: The average main meal price here is wrong. Well sort of. You can only order minimum 3 courses. Cost: R385 for three courses, R485 for four, R585 for five, R685 for six, R785 for seven AMBIENCE AND SERVICE: decor and interior is lovely. The staff are very informative and were able to give very good suggestions. 5 stars for both. FOOD: Each course was very true to the main ingredient. Each dish was lovingly prepared and the flavors were lovely. And for the first time ever at a fine dining restaurant that I have been to, the veg options were better than the meat. The winner of the evening by far was the carrot (with hollandaise sauce and lemon zest). Runner up was the chocolate dessert (brownie with ice cream, homemade aero chocolate and a lemon cream-sauce-thing). We also enjoyed the potato, charcuterie board, leek and pecan dessert. The chicken was slightly disappointing, as was the Kohlrabi. Only reason I am not giving the food 5 stars is that the portions are VERY small. You kind of need to order the 4 course option if you want to leave satisfied. Not sure if it's entirely worth the money - but it was certainly was very tasty, and I am still day dreaming of those carrots. Mmmm hollandaise sauce.
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