La Locanda

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Reviewed by The Fay Way

La-locanda Italian Restaurant is the most authentic Italian restaurant in South Africa, owned by Dario Soresi, and run by by him and his daughter, Arianna, and nephew Matteo. Dario, as a young boy was inspired by his grandmother's cooking - Nonna Rosa who cooked simple dishes with simple ingredients from Sicily.

Our good friends accompanied us to dinner and we launched straight into the main course. Spinach & Ricotta Canneloni, Spaghetti Arrabiata and Pizza Quattro with 4 cheeses, everyone was delighted and got stuck into their dishes - eating with gusto.

I called Arianna (she's gorgeous with her blond hair and a streak of silver & black on the side) to advise me as I was torn between the Ossabuco and the Tripe. Arianna said that Ossabuco was always on the menu but Tripe was a rarity. I ordered the Tripe cooked Italian style with a side plate of Spaghetti Oleo (Spaghetti in olive oil). And wow, was I pleased that I ordered the Tripe it was so, so delicious and the Spaghetti (which was of course cooked to perfection, el dente) too added to my absolute bliss. As I was piling into my Tripe my mind and taste buds wondered off to my childhood days when the Tripe was slow-cooked in the oven of the Aga stove, right through the night.

I had a Cassata Ice Cream to end the meal. Our friends shared a SemiFreddo not quite ice cream but a truly Italian dessert. They enjoyed every drop.

The evening & the food was so, so special - great, great Italian food cooked so well.

Our bill came to R700,00 with tip for the four of us.
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