The Godfather (Pretoria)

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Reviewed by Lara Lourens

I was quite skeptical when my boyfriend wanted to take me to The Godfather. Being a vegetarian, steakhouses aren't really my thing. Despite numerous attempts at changing his mind, he insisted we go there - and I am so glad we did! Don't be fooled by the modest exterior of The Godfather, because the interior is absolutely stunning! The dark, moody decor set a warm & comfortable ambiance. The friendly staff made us feel very welcome - even gave us a special "romantic" table in a corner. I have to add that the tables are quite private and adds to a very intimate atmosphere. My boyfriend and I shared (read: I had a piece of my boyfriend's) Haloumi starter. I had dibs on the Melba Toast. The Haloumi (Read: Piece of Haloumi) I had was very well prepared and the plate was made up beautifully. For mains I had a scrumptious vegetarian platter & my boyfriend had the Chilli Chocolate Steak with onion rings. My platter was HUGE. I mean it, if platters could be overweight, that one would be obese. In a good way. Obviously. It consisted of a "mini" broccoli quiche, 2 vegetable kebabs, a Grilled Feta Salad and two cheese covered grilled tomato slices. I couldn't even finish half of it. The Chilli Chocolate Steak look fantastic - and according to my boyfriend it was FANTASTIC. If it were a vegetarian Chilli Chocolate Steak I would've also thought it as FANTASTIC. Seriously, it looked amazing. For Dessert we shared some Chocolate Mousse - which was very decadent and totally diet ruining. We truly had a lovely evening & I can openly say that this vegetarian loves this steakhouse.
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