The Leopard

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Reviewed by Brendon Foster

A beautiful mid-century design with spot-on vibe... With an exceptionally well priced wine list (Krone MCC @ R120). We had a fantastic asparagus starter but were sadly underwhelmed by the bland meatballs. Sadly, very few service people know how to handle negative feedback and the staff here are not exception. When we mentioned our disappointment to the waitress she disappeared, the manager then walked over and said that the chef would taste them to see what he/she thought. Haha. Well apparently said chef was satisfied as we were left to our meal, rather awkwardly. A further inquiry on our part and sending plates back half picked at had no result. When we didn't tip the waitress she asked why and slammed the receipt box down onto the table while rolling her eyes and continuing to question why we hadn't tipped. It would be laughable if not actually rather weird. Really disappointing, because this appears to be a great spot for Mellville and we certainly will not be back.
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