Tjing Tjing Torii

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Reviewed by Nicol Miller

Have you ever stepped into a place and completely forgotten where you were? Like it sent you into a alternative city and time zone? Well this is what it's like when you step into Tjing Tjing and more specifically Torii. We arranged a staff lunch here last Friday, and not for one second were we sorry. The menu boasts various Japanese street foods and everything I placed in my mouth was delicious. From the pork steamed buns, to the hot wings, to the pork ribs, to the chicken yakitori, to the dumplings, to the miso butter for the roasted corn...(yup I ordered all of those), you can't go wrong. Do yourself a favour, stop ordering average asian takeaways, and treat yourself to something delicious and authentic. 10/10
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