13 specialty dessert spots in Pretoria

From smooth and creamy gelato to decadent baked goodies perfect for pairing with your favourite cuppa, these spots in the Jacaranda City are keeping things decadent with their varied dessert offerings.

Aroma Gelato

This gelato-and-waffle lounge does those two treats well, constantly tempting passers-by with delicious creations. Enjoy your scoop of choice (think New York cheesecake or Snickers ice creams) with the likes of a sticky brownie or a freshly baked doughnut. Alternatively, go for gold with Belgian waffles topped with scoops of apple pie, cheesecake, or Nutella ice creams.

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Chocolat et Café (Hazelwood)

This luxury chocolate café specialises in all things cocoa. You’ll find everything here, from rich chocolate cakes and cheesecake to chocolate fondues with waffles for dunking. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolate omelette pancake and strawberries, followed by a shot of hot chocolate or a fun coffee in a cone. There is also a variety of hand-made Belgian chocolates in decadent flavours to take home and enjoy.

Häagen-Dazs (Brooklyn)

Indulge in scoops of chocolate-, caramel-, fruit- and vanilla-based ice creams with everything from mint leaves to dulce de leche. Have your favourite in a takeaway cup or go one better and have it in parfaits or on waffles, crêpes or muffins. The ice-cream shop also offers affogatos and milkshakes using your choice of flavour.

KinGelato (Hatfield)

Bringing a taste of Italy to the Jacaranda City, this gelatoria offers traditionally made gelato. The flavours change with the seasons and each one is crafted using the finest local and Italian ingredients. Try options like crème brûlée, matcha, and chocolate-cherry with meringue. Enjoy it in a brioche bun, churro bowl, or on a Belgian waffle.

The range of gelatos from KinGelato. Photo supplied.

Royal Danish (Colbyn)

The ice cream here is raved about. With 10 flavours on display on a daily basis, you can expect scoops like rum-and-raisin; cinnamon; peanut butter; mocha almond fudge; and butter-pecan. Delectably creamy, the ice cream can also be enjoyed in the form of a milkshake, on waffles, or as an ice cream cake perfect for parties.

The decadent ice cream at Royal Danish. Photo by Khanya Mzongwana.

Nammie Eats and Treats

Knowing about the owner, Karien Goëbel’s online store, Nammie, is like having access to your own, personal, fairy godmother! She makes a range of colourful, whimsical and delicious, artisanal sweets, baked goods and confectionary, that one can order and collect through her online shop. She has spent over a decade perfecting her craft while raising her children. Karien has built up a loyal following through various markets over the years. Her fame and reputation for excellence have grown over the years. The Nammie online store is the perfect vehicle for deliciousness made with love. Order Namie’s special treats when next you celebrate with colleagues, friends or loved ones. Choose from delectable cakes, baked goods and handcrafted sweets. Everything is beautiful and delicious! A few recommendations that you should try are her homemade nougat, the excellent carrot Hummingbird cake and the outstanding, New York cheesecake.

Nammie Carrot Hummingbird Cake. Pic supplied

Yococo (Midrand)

A young, homegrown entrepreneur and her team are serving love, one scoop at a time. Yococo is the new kid on the block. This burgeoning little collective produces a top tier range of dairy-free, vegan ice cream. Yococo has nine varieties that are packed with awesome flavours like salted caramel, mango or granadilla. The ice cream is made with locally sourced ingredients and it can be delivered all over Gauteng. Yococo is also available at the Pretoria Vegan Food Market and The Refillery Grocery Store (Woodlands).

Yococo dairy-free ice cream. Pic supplied.

Harrie’s Pancakes (Arcadia and Cullinan)

An entire restaurant group, built around Harrie’s famous pancake recipes. Everyone loves the classic cinnamon and sugar pancake but a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon can surprise your taste buds with fresh, cheeky tartness. Add ice cream or cream to give the experience a velvety smooth finish that ticks all the taste boxes. Other sweet offerings include black cherries in liqueur, banana in caramel sauce, dark chocolate mousse or milk tart custard. Harrie’s also offers a range of other fillings and flavours to delight your taste buds.

Delicious pancakes. Pic supplied.

Miss Cake (Waterkloof)

Miss Cake offers custom cakes for every occasion which can be delivered or enjoyed in their on-site coffee shop. This cake shop caters to your every need from big to small. A special birthday, an anniversary, a wedding… Miss Cake can help you with all things cake-related. Orders have a 72-hour lead time during the week, but more time is needed during peak times. Treat yourself and those dear to you to a cake experience like no other.

Miss Cake Forest Baked Cheesecake. Pic supplied.

Der Zucker Backer (Menlyn)

This German bakery and coffee shop has been a part of the fabric of Pretoria for a very long time. The treats on display are of the highest quality. Every item is a masterpiece! Cakes, tarts and sweet baked goods of all types to choose from. Almond toppings, spices, poppy seeds and crème pâtissière will have you staring with childlike glee. Enjoy the warm, friendly service of Der Zucker Baker. As they say, they make everything with love, butter and fresh cream!

Der Zucker Backer sweet treats. Pic supplied.

MC Churro (Pretoria East)

There’s a funky, black artisan dessert truck in Pretoria East called MC Churro. They serve the popular Spanish dessert called churros. Every Saturday and Sunday, one can seek out these bite-sized treats. Churros are delicious, crispy, fried dough treats available at the Busstop 7 outdoor market. Choose your dipping sauce and a quantity enough to share!

MC Churro artisan desserts. Pic supplied.

Château Gâteaux Patisserie (Menlyn and Glenfair Boulevard)

Black Forest cakes, Mozart cakes, cheesecakes and more… all beautifully decorated, displayed and presented. This chain offers either mini cakes, four cake selections or whole cakes. There are many flavours to choose from. It’s reliable and always available.

A variety of fresh, delicious cakes. Pic supplied.

Little B’s Bubble Tea (Hazelwood)

Boba or Bubble tea is a cold, sweet, Taiwanese drink made from a tea base, milk, fruit, fruit juice and tapioca pearls also called “bubbles”. The tapioca pearls absorb liquid and swell to form jelly-like orbs which dissolve slowly. This has become a popular choice for those in the know. The flavours, colours and textures combine to create an exciting dessert drink. Little B’s Bubble Tea is a top proponent of this refreshing new(ish) trend.

Little B’s Bubble Tea. Pic supplied.

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