#2020for2020 calls chefs to champion biodiversity conservation

The numbers aren’t adding up. Of the over 30 000 edible plant species that exist, we’re only consuming under 200 of them. Fortunately, chefs are able to shift the food system and save the planet one diverse and sustainable ingredient at a time.


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Food Forever (an international organisation that raises awareness on the importance of conserving biodiversity) has partnered up with Chefs’ Manifesto (a Sustainable Development Goals  initiative that invites chefs from around the world to play their part in delivering a better food system) to create the 2020 for 2020 campaign. The initiative is aimed at inspiring over 2020 chefs from across the world to champion the use of lesser-known, diverse and indigenous ingredients from sustainable sources by the year 2020. (2020 is the United Nations’ target year for achieving its Sustainable Development Goals.)

Chefs can plant the seed for a more diverse and sustainable food future by signing up and filling in a survey for their names to be added to the participating chefs in the 2020 for 2020 campaign. Thereafter, they can use their voices and platforms inside and outside the kitchen to promote biodiversity conservation. Actions include adding a diverse ingredient to the menu, using social media to highlight a diverse ingredient monthly, and using all other platforms available to them (such as public speaking and dinner events) to educate and inspire consumers to cook lesser-known ingredients from sustainable sources.


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Chefs already championing biodiversity in their personal capacity can sign up, as well as those who want to start. Local and international chefs who have already signed up include Lorna Maseko, Tom Hunt, Michael Adé Elégbèdé, Mirriam Moteane and Mokgadi Itsweng.

Follow Food Forever 2020, Chef’s Manifesto and #2020for2020 on Instagram for more information. Chefs can sign up by filling in the survey to become part of the campaign.

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