Bertus Basson opens ‘biker bar’ dream restaurant: Die Kantien

Restaurateur and chef Bertus Basson has announced the launch of a new restaurant. Die Kantien is located in Stellenbosch and comes after the huge success of Parkeer, a laid-back pizza dining experience offered in a parking lot at Eike last year.

Die Kantien will focus on offering pizzas as well as an ever-changing menu featuring a variety of dishes.

“The name ‘Kantien’ is the Afrikaans for ‘canteen’, and the idea is that ‘anything goes’. We want to serve what we would like to eat – salty, fatty, spicy and crispy. We trialled many pizzas to get to our recipe – we think it is amazing!” shares Bertus.

Mareli and Bertus Basson

Located in the quaint Stellenbosch,  Die Kantien will serve dishes such as baked provolone, crispy squid and cheese grillers for starters, while five pizza options are available for mains, and soft serves and sundaes for dessert.

As for ambience, the restaurant will feature old motorbike parts on one of the walls as part of the interior design to create a biker-like atmosphere in a laid-back and relaxed setting.

Bertus shares that Die Kantien is a space that showcases all his passions under one roof. “It is a space for everything I like – skulls, motorbikes, and some good food.”

Die Kantien is located at 6 Papegaai Street in Stellenbosch and will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 8pm. Bookings can be made via email to

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