Celebrate Grilled Cheese Day with a cheesy toastie

It’s Grilled Cheese Dat and if ever there was a day to celebrate, today would be the day! Because who doesn’t love a fresh melty toasted cheese sandwich?

Arthur’s Mini Super (Cape Town)

They’re known to serve up some of the best toasties in town … So, why not stop by for a cheese toastie? You won’t regret it!

4th Avenue Coffee (Johannesburg)

They have all the toasties you can think of but, as it’s Grilled Cheese Day, why not indulge in a classic toasted cheese?

Blos Café (Pretoria)

Grab a hickory smoked ham ciabatta toastie with pear chutney, spinach and lush amounts of oozy mozzarella for Grilled Cheese Day.

Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room (Cape Town)

Their soup and cheese toastie duo is spectacular and just perfect to celebrate Grilled Cheese Day!

Espresso (Johannesburg)

Personalise your very own toasted cheese! You can choose your favourite bread and any additional toppings to make your toasted cheese experience truly stellar and unique.

The Glenwood Bakery (Durban)

If you’re craving a cheese toastie and you’re in Durbs, Glenwood Bakery does a spectacular toastie. Their Toasted Indezi Gouda is filled with local cheese from the Midlands, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and mustard all wedged between two slices of their speciality bread.


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Goldfish Beach Eatery (Strand)

If you’re in Strand, why not head over to Goldfish Beach Eatery where you can chill out and relax with a cheese toastie?

Ground Art Caffe (Cape Town)

They do toasties all day, so why not make the most of this celebratory day and order a fresh cheese toastie for lunch or even dinner?

Grounded at Echo (Pretoria)

You can be sure they have a toasted cheese sarmie with your name on it – toasted cheese dreams here we come!


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The Hoedspruit Café (Hoedspruit)

They offer up a bunch of good ol’ toasties, so order up a cheese toastie especially for Grilled Cheese Day!

Humble Coffee (Durban)

Grab a standard or vegan toasted cheese – they’re available all day, every day!


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Kleinsky’s (Cape Town)

Tomato soup with toasted cheese and caramelised onions on housebaked challah bread is everything your Monday needs!

Lekker Vegan (Cape Town, Johannesburg)

Grab a cheezy bunini toastie loaded with vegan cheddar cheese for a healthy dose of toasted cheese.

Lexi’s Healthy Eatery (Hazelwood, Modderfontein, RosebankSandton, Sea Point)

Drop by for a cheese toastie – they do an amazing vegan toasted cheese sandwich!

Lucky Bread Co (Pretoria, Johannesburg)

They do a good old-fashioned toasted cheese served on thick sliced bread – just as a cheese toastie should come!


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Morning Glory (Johannesburg)

They have two toasted cheeses to choose from – a sexy three-cheese toastie on sourdough served up with a side salad and a burnt cheese crisp or the very best bacon and brie open toastie.

Parc Cafe (Durban)

In the mood for toasted cheese jaffles? Well, Parc has a whole toasted cheese range to choose from!

The Raptor Room (Cape Town)

If you’re in the market for a build-your-own toasted cheese sarmie, The Raptor Room is just for you! They come standard with local cheddar and sesame butter on your choice of bread, but you can add all the fancies you need, such as kimchi, BBQ pulled pork or fried chicken strips. Or opt for the comforting soup and toasted cheese duo!


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Royal Roastery (Bloemfontein)

Cheese toasties make the perfect all-day snack or meal, so be sure to grab one from Royal Roastery!

Skyline Coffee (Durban)

They do a bunch of toasties, but make sure to get a cheesy one today. After all, it isn’t Grilled Cheese Day every day!

Superette (Cape Town)

They do a cheese toastie loaded with Colby cheddar and plum tomatoes on sourdough rye toast served up with lemon-dressed greens on the side. Cheese toastie cravings sorted!

Tashas Café (Nation wide)

If you’re after a classic toasted cheese, Tasha’s is just the place for you!

The Whippet (Johannesburg)

They have a grown-up cheese toastie with mozzarella, sharp cheddar, caramelised onion and wholegrain mustard in a hot-pressed brioche bun served with spicy tomato dip. Add some bacon to make it a full party!


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