Check out these buns: A glorious burger gallery

It’s no secret that we love burgers. And who can blame us? We’ve even dedicated an article to discussing why they have such a magical hold over us. To that end, we’ve done the hard research to bring you a few of the most magnificent buns that South Africa has to offer.

Disclaimer: The following images may induce severe cravings, hunger and/or meat sweats.

IYO Burgers @iyoburgers

Let’s start off simply, shall we?

Although diminutive in appearance, this tiny chimichurri burger from IYO is just enough to whet the appetite.

Who are we kidding? Give us more.

Mr Big Stuff @mrbigstuffjhb

Tear your eyes away from the chicken ’n waffles. Look at the burger. Look at it. It’s simple. It’s classic. And we see the gherkins peeking their little heads around the bun. We see them.

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Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room @clarkescapetown

Fact: Serving a salad alongside a burger instantly cancels out the calories about to be consumed.

The Counter @the_counter

Those crisp onions though.

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Dukes Burgers via @anjill_0602

If you must eat a veggie burger, do it in style.

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Royale Eatery @royale_eatery

Did you know? The distance travelled by the juice running towards your elbows is directly proportional to the decadence of the burger being consumed.

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Jerry’s Burger Bar via @rblategan

Roll up your sleeves… It’s time to get messy.

A photo posted by Renaldo Lategan (@rblategan) on

The Wolfpack @thewolfpackjhb

Oh hey, carrot top.

Mondiall @mondiall_sa

As our favourite DIY guru would say, there’s it.

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Republik @republikdbn

Sorry what was that? We couldn’t hear you over the sound of the mac ’n cheese ’n bacon.

Funny Bunny @funnybunnydbn

Is that a milk-stout-boerenkaas fondue topping on your burger, or are you just happy to see us?

Dropkick Murphy’s @dropkickmurphysdbn

Say cheeeeeeeese.

Hudson’s The Burger Joint via

RIP me. I died; I’m dead.

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We went too far, didn’t we?


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