Cheers to change: The alcohol industry responds to lockdown

Canned wine

The pre-COVID launch of canned wine made waves in the wine industry, particularly among millennials. Targeted at the younger generation, canned wine
is a convenient and hygienic option for a small group of friends celebrating a long
overdue meet-up. Producers are also trying to lighten their carbon footprint with the addition of canned wines to their range.

Dealcoholised wine

Non-alcoholic beverages were already popular before the nationwide lockdown,
especially among a younger target market that values health and wellness. The prohibition on alcohol sales gave these products another boost in the market. Katie Bailie, the liquor trade manager for Pick n Pay, says that during,
and immediately after, the liquor bans, they noted a significant increase in the
sales of non-alcoholic beverages across all categories in Pick n Pay stores.

Direct-to-consumer sales

“Drinking at home has, of course, seen an increase globally, with many choosing to buy directly from the producers and consume within the comfort and safety
of their own home,” says British wine journalist Tim Atkin.
Industry expert and wine writer Cathy Marston agrees, noting that direct-to-consumer sales have been very successful in recent months. Online wine sellers actually saw an increase in sales during the prohibition, bolstered by discounts on premium South African wines. (Wine could be purchased online with delivery taking place after the ban.)
The direct-to-consumer trend is expected to continue as we become accustomed to life after lockdown.

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