Chef Margot Janse to open restaurant in the Netherlands

Celebrated chef and former Eat Out chief judge, Margot Janse, will be opening a restaurant in her home country of The Netherlands. SAAM restaurant (South Africa-AMsterdam) will open its doors in Amsterdam this spring with a menu created by Margot. 

margot janse

“I feel very privileged to be able to share my love for the country of my choice with the country of my birth,” says Margot. “SAAM restaurant consists of a fantastic team of professionals. We are all equally excited and inspired for this next journey!”

Margot is known locally for her philanthropic work with the Isabelo Charity and for her time cooking at Franschhoek’s The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français, where she spent 21 years as executive chef. The restaurant won many Eat Out awards over the years and played a pivotal role in elevating the restaurant scene in South Africa.

Many years of experience as a chef and consultant has led Margot to create this brand-new culinary experience in The Netherlands, where a combination of South African and Dutch gastronomy will be enjoyed. She will continue living in South Africa, bringing her inspiration to the menu while collaborating with the team virtually, alongside regular visits to the restaurant throughout the year.

The restaurant will be owned by Margot, Henk Jan Beltman, Koen van der Plas and Jasper Hermans. Together they have impressive experience, including several Michelin stars, but are keen to take a different, simpler approach to SAAM restaurant.

“Everyone should feel at ease from the first moment they step into SAAM restaurant,” says Margot. “We leave out the formal atmosphere without making concessions to the experience. All the materials used, from glassware to furniture, are of the highest quality and are presented in a modest way so that guests can enjoy themselves in an unforced manner”.

SAAM restaurant is expected to open its doors this spring (Europe’s autumn) at Amstelzijde 59, Amstelveen.

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