City of Joburg launches new low-cost bread made from mango 

A loaf costing just R7.50 has been launched by the City of Joburg, but this is no ordinary dough. ‘Joburg bread’ is made using flour made from mango trimmings instead of wheat and contains no sugar or salt.

This new food is a result of research on what communities needed most, i.e. healthy, affordable food and more employment opportunities. Joburg Bread neatly solves both these challenges, and is ideal for people with high blood pressure or diabetes, and for those wanting to lose weight or just eat healthily and cost effectively.

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A Philippino delegation trained 100 local bakers to produce the bread and run successful bakeries. R50m was set aside to kick-start the highly sustainable initiative, which is already producing 250 loaves daily and has created thousands of jobs.

Some local restaurants are using Joburg Bread, and the next step is to get it into all supermarkets. 

But what does mango bread taste like? “Delicious” is the verdict of the bakers and the eaters.


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