Coco Safar to open epic new luxury café in Sea Point

Sparkling cold-brewed rooibos floats with peach-and-thyme gelato, a world-first custom lever espresso machine, and 100% compostable coffee capsules roasted in a coffee lab on site – expect all this and more at the new Coco Safar flagship store launching this week in Cape Town.

Coco Safar seating

Seating in the Coco Safar atrium. Photo supplied.

The luxury coffee, pâtisserie and café brand will open its new 360-degree immersive experience on Wednesday 17 January 2018 at Artem Centre, previously known as The Adelphi Centre, on Main Road in Sea Point. Taking up over 500m², the Coco Safar space features an espresso and pâtisserie bar, chocolate and coffee labs, botanical microbrewery, atelier, café, emporium and retail space.

The expanded offering promises to deliver many firsts. Inside the coffee lab, visible from the street and through the glass doors from most places inside the café, beans will be roasted in a state-of-the-art Loring Smart roaster, the first on the African continent. Alongside, a neat chocolate studio will showcase production of hand-made bonbons to all who pass.

The custom-built Spirit Idrocompresso espresso machine at the new Coco Safar store in Sea Point

The custom-built Spirit Idrocompresso espresso machine at the new Coco Safar store in Sea Point. Photo supplied.

The espresso bar opposite features a one-of-a-kind piece of precision machinery custom built in Eindhoven by Dutch master Kees van der Westen, (of Mirage fame) called the Spirit Idrocompresso. It combines the best of both worlds of pump and lever technology, and coffee fundis will no doubt lose their minds over it. The emporium will sell boxes of coffee capsules (all named after iconic cities, such as St Tropez, Marrakesh, Lisbon, Napoli and Manhattan) which are compatible with Nespresso machines but with the benefit of being 100% compostable (within 160 days in home compost and 62 days in industrial compost).

Some of the patisserie available at the new Coco Safar

Some of the pâtisserie available at the new Coco Safar store. Photo supplied.

If you’re the rare visitor not that into coffee, Coco Safar’s exclusive rooibos products might be the answer. The on-site botanical microbrewery (launching in February) is producing four bottled products made with South Africa’s trademark ‘tea’, a boon to those looking for the rare replacement for alcohol that is not loaded with sugar and still feels special. Three cold-brewed sparkling drinks feature premium rooibos infusions, and a top-secret blend of spices and organic maple syrup. There’s also a rooibos-infused tonic water, targeting the city’s many gin fans. Once this section has opened, you will be able to order a glass, bottle, flight or even float (made with gourmet gelato in flavours like balsamic vinegar, black pepper or earl grey) at the bar, or pop by to fill up your growler. Rooibos espresso capsules can also be purchased at the emporium, named after Kaapstad (red rooibos) and Stellenbosch (green rooibos).

Inside the sit-down café, the menu will feature relaxed fare like eggs Benedict, Pain perdu, mini boboties and goat’s cheese and caramelised onion tartlets. The couture pâtisserie counter ramps things up with the likes of fragrant rose and triple-chocolate croissants and confectionery made with seasonal fruit, delicate mousses, crèmes and crumbles.

The Coco Safar emporium, where you can purchase compostable coffee and rooibos capsules

The Coco Safar emporium, where you can purchase compostable coffee and rooibos capsules. Photo supplied.

The interior features locally made leather chairs and solid oak counters, with inlaid brass, hand-stitched linen and custom-made grills inspired by 1950s car design.

Also on offer: a curated selection of homeware and lifestyle accessories.

And that’s not all: a Coco Safar space based on this Mother City blueprint will launch in New York later on in 2018. Watch this space for more details, or pay the Sea Point branch a visit when they open on Wednesday.

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