Eat this now: Pete’s Super Natural Ice Cream

Sometimes life demands ice cream. For me it’s everyday, if possible. Since I discovered this ridiculously delicious ice cream, my ability to resist temptation has diminished. This is a warning: Once you have a scoop of this dreamy creation, you might never go back to eating any other!

The creator

The passion behind this artisanal ice cream is Peta Frysh. Her career in journalism and video production took a back seat once she realised her dream of producing perfect ice cream. It was all sparked by a green-apple sorbet she tasted in Cape Town years ago.

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream

Rose pomegranate Turkish delight flavour

The experience

Pete’s Super Natural is all-natural. The milk and cream come from a family-run farm in Henley-on-Klip, from cows that are pasture fed, without hormones or antibiotics. There are no artificial colours or egg added. The flavours are the real thing.

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream. Photos by Rupesh Kassen.

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream. Photo by Rupesh Kassen.

I’ve greedily worked my way through Peta’s different offerings, but picking a favourite is very difficult. The following are contenders: the vanilla ice cream (with a whole Ethiopian vanilla bean speckled through its creamy base); the lemon frozen yogurt with blueberries (made with specially sourced Greek yoghurt from a small producer in the KZN Midlands); the Vietnamese coffee ice cream (made with freshly brewed coffee and a touch of chicory); the salted caramel and white chocolate ice cream (with Maldon salt and traditionally made caramel); and sublime peanut brittle ice cream (with brittle made from scratch using locally sourced nuts).

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream . Photos by Rupesh Kassen.

Lemon frozen yoghurt with bluberries. Photo by Rupesh Kassen.

What has ultimately won my heart, however, is the exotic rose and pomegranate Turkish delight ice cream. Tart notes of pomegranate and a slight hint of rose accent the chewy hunks of Turkish delight stirred though this inspirational combination. The pint never lasts in my freezer – I bring it home and end up eating it straight from the carton. You absolutely have got to eat this now.

The verdict

Pete’s Super Natural is ice cream for grown-ups, with flavour combinations that vary according to seasonal ingredients. There’s nothing cloyingly sweet, and the ice cream comes in the colours of its ingredients – no test-tube blues, greens or reds, or any additives.

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream . Photos by Rupesh Kassen.

Pete’s Super Natural ice cream.

The ice cream is sold in pints at Oaklands Fruit in Oaklands; Organic Emporium in the Bryanston Shopping Centre and online at; Jackson’s Real Food Market; Riverside Shopping Centre Bryanston; Impala Fruit in Craighall Park; Greenhill Grocer in Emmarentia; and Shoneez Confectioners in Mayfair.
Scoops are on the menu at Voodoo Lily Café in Birdhaven and Fireside Bistro in Norwood.


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