Review: Experience the true taste of Korean cuisine at SURASANG in Sunninghill

Fast facts

Restaurant name: SURASANG

Address: Shop 17, The Square Shopping Centre, Naivasha Road, Sunninghill, Sandton

Phone number: 065 737 4266

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11am to 9.30pm, Sunday closed

Average price of each plate: R150

Corkage fee: No BYO

Parking situation: Parking available in The Square Shopping Centre parking bay

Food type: Authentic Korean cuisine

Best for…  Savouring authentic Korean cuisine during lunch or dinner with friends or a romantic date night. Perfect for those who enjoy shared dining experiences.

Embark on a culinary journey to Korea at SURASANG, a hidden gem in the heart of Sunninghill, Johannesburg. With its name translating to “meals served for the king and queen” in Korean, SURASANG brings to life generations of family recipes, crafting each dish with love and meticulous attention to detail. From the sizzling delights of Korean BBQ to the comforting stews and delectable street food, SURASANG promises an authentic Korean dining experience.


SURASANG truly stands out for its commitment to delivering authentic Korean cuisine. The menu boasts a wide array of traditional dishes, each prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The starters set the stage for a tasty adventure, with classics like the savoury egg soufflé, japchae (stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables), and mandu (deep-fried Korean dumplings). The pa jeon, a vegetable pancake with seafood, undeniably steals the spotlight!

The bunsik (Korean street food) is equally impressive, offering treats like kimbap (Korean-style maki roll), kimchi jjigae (hotpot), spicy tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake in a red chilli paste sauce with vegetables), mouth-watering Korean ramen, and the soy garlic Korean fried chicken – tender, sweet, and fried to perfection. The diverse selection continues with rice bowls like bibimbap, Korean-style pork belly, bulgogi-marinated beef, and kimchi fried rice, showcasing the versatility and delectability of Korean cuisine.

If you’re seeking an interactive dining experience, make sure not to miss the BBQ. The BBQ experience includes two servings of beef or pork cooked over a built-in gas grill, accompanied by steamed eggs, doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew), a variety of dipping sauces, and banchan (Korean side dishes), all complementing the BBQ beautifully. To round off the meal, the BBQ set also includes dessert; however, the store-bought vanilla ice cream was a slight disappointment. Alternatively, you can explore other dessert options such as the cake of the day or bingsu (snowflake shaved ice with sweet red bean).


The beverage menu at SURASANG boasts an array of options, from spirits, wines, beers, ciders, and cocktails to traditional Korean drinks like soju and makgeolli (a traditional fermented rice wine). The only downside is the wine options, available only by the bottle, not by the glass. Non-alcoholic choices range from soft drinks to coffee, catering to diverse preferences.


While the service at SURASANG is accompanied by friendly and warm staff eager to guide you through the menu, there are moments where service could be more prompt. The waiters are knowledgeable about the menu and offer valuable recommendations on Korean house specialties. However, the simultaneous delivery of dishes and limited table space can present some challenges.


SURASANG offers an intimate space with a blend of modest, functional, and modern elements, creating a welcoming atmosphere that transports you to the heart of Korea. The small and cosy setting adds to the charm, making it an ideal spot for a laid-back and enjoyable meal with friends and family.

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