Fairy tacos to unicorn cones: you’ve never seen candy-floss like this before

Sydney-based Instagrammer and confectionery wizard Nathan Hunter is whipping up some serious eye candy in the form of fluffy candy-floss clouds in a rainbow of whimsical flavours.

The fairy-themed Fluffë, or candy floss to us mere mortals, is made by Nathan himself and comes in tubs, boxes and glitter cones.

The cheeky flavours include the likes of Unicorn Poop, with sprinkles; lemonade; Tropico, made with juicy pineapple; Gypsy Dreams, laced with rich caramel and shiny edible trinkets; peanut butter and jelly; and a flavour called Boy’s Tears that apparently tastes like salty vanilla.

Aside from the fantastical flavours, he also whips the Fluffë into dream-like confectionery creations like these pastel cotton-candy pops…

Or this fairy piñata cake

These dreamy hot-chocolate treats

These tacos fit for a unicorn

The world’s prettiest burger

Fluffy freakshakes

And floss-filled coconuts, naturally

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