Look at this ice cream on a cloud of candyfloss and know that everything is going to be okay

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As the recent trends in crazy towering treat-topped freakshakes and entire skillets of melting marshmallows and hot Nutella sauce will attest, there’s no such thing as too much on the dessert scene right now. The Australians are at it again, this time with sea-salt soft-serve ice creams with whimsical crowns of candyfloss.

Aqua S, a Sydney ice cream parlour, has garnered our attention with its beautifully hued soft-serve ice creams (in flavours like grape, English breakfast tea, green apple, pandan, taro and rose, to name a few) with toppings of toasted marshmallows, caramel popcorn and magic fairy dust, and halos of cloudlike candy floss, usually pictured against the café’s dreamy baby-blue backdrop.

Apart from the confections’ coma-inducing load of sugar, our main reason for admiring them is that they evoke happy memories of My Little Pony and Care Bears, and the reassuring feeling that everything is going to be okay.

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