Where to find great hot chocolate in Joburg

Instant hot chocolate might do the trick at home on a cold winter’s night, but if we’re dragging ourselves out of our cosy abodes for a warm beverage, it better be worth the trip. Whether it’s a simple mix of milk and melted chocolate or it’s served with a lava-like tower of marshmallows, these hot chocolates are next-level delicious.

Craft (Parkhurst)

Most things are over the top at Craft and the hot chocolate is no different. There’s hazelnut hot chocolate topped with roasted marshmallows (R45), and white hot chocolate (R49) made from melted Belgian white chocolate and topped with marshmallow fluff. Then there’s a salted caramel version (R49) with a salted caramel disc, and hot chocolate sliders (R89) so you can taste a mini trio. For the adults only there’s a hot chocolate made with rum, orange and dark chocolate (R59) that slides down a treat thanks to the rum and citrus liqueur.

Hot chocolate at Craft Parkhurst

Hot chocolate at Craft in Parkhurst. Photo supplied.

Melt Chocolaterie (Nicolway)

It’s a chocolate dessert parlour, so the hardest choice you’ll have here is sticking to what you came for, but these hot chocolates are worth the effort. Prices range between R40 and R45 and the options – made using Belgian couverture chocolate – are unusual and varied. Think original, cinnamon, chilli, white chocolate, Peppermint Crisp, salted caramel popcorn, almond milk and sugar-free, with the option of a marshmallow topping.

Salvation Café (Milpark)

There are few things as quaint as sitting in the middle of a leafy tree-filled courtyard, slurping on Salvation Café’s homemade Belgian hot chocolate (R36). Here they make it with dark chocolate, milk and an extra dollop of cream in the mix – inside and on top.

The hot chocolate at Salvation Café. Photo supplied.

Patisserie de Paris (Blairgowrie)

It’s back to basics at Patisserie de Paris, with not a powdered hot chocolate mix in sight. Here the hot chocolate (R35) is made from real Belgian chocolate – an imported Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolate that tastes like it melts in your mouth with every sip. Served with a dollop of cream and homemade biscotti.

PAUL (Melrose Arch)

This international patisserie imports its signature PAUL hot chocolate, so you’re not going to find it outside of its franchises. The not-too-sweet cocoa and milk chocolate formula is warmed and served in a coffee cup along with a small chocolate, vanilla or caramel biscuit (R32). Look out for mint, hazelnut and almond versions launching later this month.

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