Where to get great ramen in Durban

Daruma (Umhlanga)

This family-run restaurant, which has been operational since 1986, is one of Durban’s most popular Japanese and Teppanyaki restaurants, famous for its classic ramen offerings. Choose between the Shoyu Ramen (chicken stock) or the Miso Ramen (miso paste-based broth), which have a choice of teppanyaki grilled chicken or teppanyaki grilled beef, crabstick, boiled egg, ramen noodles, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, spring onions, seaweed, pok choy and bean sprouts. Only the miso ramen is available in a vegetarian version, with tofu instead of meat. Fresh chopped chilli or chilli powder can be added to any of the ramen bowls on request at no extra charge.

The Wok Box (Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North)

An Asian fusion restaurant, The Wok Box is popular for more than just its wok fries – the ramen bowls are equally addictive! All non-vegetarian ramen bowls contain ramen noodles, Chinese greens, a boiled egg, a protein choice of grilled chicken, prawns, char siu pork or steamed beef, and the corresponding protein broth. The vegetarian ramen bowl comprises vegetarian broth, ramen noodles, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms. The char siu pork ramen is by far the most popular with patrons. Add-ons to the ramen bowls include extra noodles or chicken. For a spicier ramen bowl, fresh chopped chilli or spicy sauce can be added at no additional cost.

Ramen Republic (Botha’s Hill, Hillcrest)

Proudly advertising its ramen that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ramen Republic is known for its traditional ramen bowls. Non-vegetarians can choose between the pork ramen or the chicken ramen. The pork ramen features a soy-based pork broth and ramen noodles, topped with chilli oil, chashu, ajitama, nori, bok choy and scallions, and is served with the restaurant’s signature miso butter. The chicken ramen comes with a rich chicken broth and ramen noodles, topped with chicken breast slices, ajitama, coen, mushrooms, bonito flakes and scallions, and miso butter. The vegetarian ramen has a vegetarian broth and ramen noodles, topped with tofu, pok choy, mushrooms, sweet corn and scallions, and miso butter. Add-ons to the ramen bowls include ajitama egg, chopped chilli, kimchi, chilli oil, extra noodles, bok choy, pork and chicken.

Yori ōkī (Ballito)

Offering Japanese fusion cuisine, Yori ōkī invites patrons to indulge in the flavours of Japan on both a sensory and culinary level. Sticking to the traditional, the restaurant offers only one ramen option each day, which is part of its ‘Ramen of the day’ offering. This ramen bowl will typically contain chicken broth, mushrooms, coriander, spring onions, bean sprouts, topside grilled beef, a poached egg and ramen noodles. Unfortunately, no vegetarian option is available. Add-ons to the ramen include extra noodles, chicken skewers and edamame. For a spicier ramen bowl, chopped chilli can be added on request at no extra cost.


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Poké Box (Morningside)

Known for its variety of healthy fusion poke bowls, Poké Box is also popular for its ramen offerings. Patrons can choose between the Tom Yum ramen featuring a chilli, lemongrass and coconut milk broth or the top-selling Shoyu ramen featuring a soy-flavoured bone broth. Both options include ramen noodles or rice noodles, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, spring onions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, an ajitama egg and either chicken or beef with the corresponding bone broth. The prawn ramen has all the same ingredients, but comes with prawns instead of beef or chicken. A vegetarian ramen bowl can be ordered on request with a Laksa-based vegetarian broth, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, spring onions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and deep-fried tofu. The Chicken Wonton Noodles Soup is also a popular option featuring chicken and cabbage dumplings, Chinese greens and ramen noodles in a sesame and soy-flavoured bone broth. Poké Box offers a banting option of kelp noodles instead of ramen noodles and chopped chilli can be added on request for a spicy ramen bowl, at no extra charge.


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