We are not worthy of these hand-piped icing flowers

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Have you ever seen such pretty petals? The best part is that they’re edible. No fondant (the maker is very strict on this point) or plastic, just pure, rich and creamy buttercream icing.

The creator of these majestic blooms is Sori Jeong, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate based in Sydney, who runs her own company aptly named called IncrEdible Flower Cakes. She prides herself, quite rightly, on her exceptional piping skills and the fact that everything is made from scratch with much love, using free-range eggs, home-made fruit purée and Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

Let’s take moment to appreciate the beauty of her artwork.

These pastel-hued cupcakes are just begging for a cup of Earl Grey tea:

These matcha cupcakes need closer investigation:



The intricacy of these petals is pretty incredible:

This cake is basically impersonating a bouquet of flowers:



Let’s all learn some new flower names while we’re at it:

Every day should start and end with something like this, borne on a tray:



And here’s a video to see how it all happens:

Want to taste them or learn how to make them yourself? (Sori offers lessons.) It’s all a flight away; just hop on a plane to Sydney.

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