Personal recommendation: Jason Lilley’s favourite restaurants

Jason Lilley, Bree street baker and restaurateur, is well known for his moreish breakfast croissants and satisfying lunch sandwiches. His pastries and breads are so legendary, we are going to have him baking the bread at the 2013 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards. Leading up to the big event we caught up with Jason and asked him to tell us where he would go for:

A pizza

Posticino. They have great pizza with thin crusts. Eric and Jack are awesome hosts and always make me feel at home.  I would caution those driving though; the Sangria kicks ass.

Asian food

Haiku. It is a great dining experience – the ambience and decor are really well thought out.  The quality and consistency of the food never disappoints.

A great view

Ristorante Enrico in Keerboomstrand. It is situated right on the beach with al fresco dinning. The food they produce competes with the view which is normally not the case here in Cape Town.


Simply Asia.  For no other reason than I don’t really do takeaways and when I do it always seems to be them.

A takeaway coffee

I’m always at my shop so I’d have to say Jason.

Weekday breakfast

I have breakfast at work. Usually it would be avocado on 66% rye with three medium poached eggs.

Romantic dinner

The Pot Luck Club. Some of the best food in Cape Town (besides mine) and great views of the city at night make it the perfect place to woo a young lass.

Blow-the-budget celebratory dinner

Again, The Pot Luck Club. The food is awesome and the portions are small as they are based on the Tapas idea. It takes a lot of those plates to fill me up. One can easily walk away from there spending R1000 a head.  But it’s well worth it!

End-of-the-month weekday dinner

El Burro. It’s my home from home. You’ll find the best Mexican (not Nic, but the food) in town and it’s really affordable.

Buying bread

Jason Bakery of course!

Market-style shopping

La Boqueria  – in Barcelona.

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